Building Knowledge for a Concerted and Sustainable Approach to Refugee Resettlement in the EU and its Member States

Resettlement at EU level


This section contains Policy and Institutional documents directly or indirectly linked to resettlement. All the documents come with an abstract and in some cases with background information with references to relevant documents. To read an overview of EU's policy and institutional framework, click here.

The Projects and initiatives-section keeps you informed about important events at the EU-level in the field of resettlement, while the section Data and Statistics offers tables and graphs related to resettlement in the EU.

Policy and Institutional documents

European Commission

European Parliament

Council of the EU

European Asylum Support Office (EASO)

European Parliament and Council

European Council

Projects and Initiatives

EU funded projects

Data and Statistics

Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Resettlement at EU level: tables and graphs