Building Knowledge for a Concerted and Sustainable Approach to Refugee Resettlement in the EU and its Member States

Elona Bokshi

Our team

Elona is project coordinator for the Know Reset project, a research project, lead by University of European Institute, that aims to map and analyse the current policy framework and practices in the area of resettlement in the 27 EU MS. Recently she took over –as project coordinator- two more projects: The Right to Justice project which looks at the issue of access and quality of legal assistance for unaccompanied children in various migration and asylum procedures in 7 countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Italy, Spain and the UK). In addition to this, she is working on the Domaid (Dialogue on Migration and Asylum in Development) project which is primarily a networking and dialogue building project that aims to strengthen the debate between civil society and European institutions, and to build advocacy on migration and refugee protection in development cooperation.

Before taking up her new post, Elona was coordinating the work-flow between ECRE’s policy and advocacy officers and the legal experts involved in the projects. As a project administrative officer, she was also in charge of the administrative coordination of projects. She is responsible for coordinating the media and advocacy tasks of our Goodwill Ambassador, Anna Cataldi. Elona did postgraduate studies on EU and Immigration Law in Université Libre de Bruxelles. She previously worked in the Albanian Government as assistant to the Prime Minister. She has been working in the field of immigration since 2005 first with the IOM and later as coordinator and assistant researcher for the Odysseus Network on Asylum & Immigration. She initially joined ECRE as Executive Assistant.