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Decision on the resettlement of Refugees in Romania (810 of 10 August 2012)

Legal and administrative framework


Romania has adopted a new decision to launch a resettlement programme. Government Decision no 810/2012 concerning the amendment and completion of Government Decision 1596/2008 on the resettlement of refugees to Romania, published in the Official Journal Part I, no 571 of the 10th of August 2012.

This decision launches a resettlement programme for 2012/2013. The decision defines a new quota (forty refugees over the two years) and improves resettlement procedures.

Please find an unofficial translation by our country collaborator, below.

Please also find a Statement of Reasons for Adoption of Decision 810/2012 (In Romanian only).

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Government Decision no 810/2012 on the resettlement of refugees to Romania

Statement of Reasons for the Adoption of Government Decision 810/2012