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Refugees in Tunisian Camp to be Resettled to Spain


On July 17th 2012, 80 refugees, of Eritrean, Sudanese and Somalian backgrounds, arrived in Madrid to be resettled.

The origins of the resettlement stem from the UNHCR Global Resettlement Solidarity Initiative which called upon States to pledge resettlement places for refugees which had been displaced and left in a refugee camp on the Libyan/Tunisian border.

Spain's pledge is made possible through the 2009 change to Spanish asylum law which gave a legal basis for a Spanish resettlement programme. Representatives of the Ministry of the Interior conducted a selection mission in Shousha in June 2012, and the resettlement process - from selection to arrival - took approximately 3 months. The International Organization for Migration, in close coordination with UNHCR, assisted the 80 refugees with their travel from Shousha camp to Madrid including the facilitation of departure and arrival procedures. 

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