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Asylum Act (325/1999)

Legal and administrative framework

The Act of 11 November 1999 on Asylum and Amendment to Act No. 283/1991 Coll., on the Police of the Czech Republic. (Last amendment 375/2010 Coll. entered into force 1.4.2012).

The Act recognizes two types of international protection: asylum and subsidiary protection. The asylum may be granted to the aliens who qualify for the refugee status under the Geneva Convention (Section 12) or for the purpose of family reunification (Section 13) or on humanitarian grounds (Section 14). Where the conditions for granting a refugee status through asylum procedure were not satisfied asylum seeker may be granted a subsidiary protection (Sections 14a and 14b), introduced to the Czech Legal system on 1 September 2006.

The following provision on Resettlement is present in Section 90 (Chapter XII, Joint, Delegating and Temporary Provisions):

"The Czech Republic may grant asylum to an alien without previous proceedings if he/she has been recognized as a recognized refugee according to an international agreement by a decision of the Office of the High Commissioner (UNHCR) on condition that the principle of fair burden-sharing between the parties to the Convention on the Status of Refugees is adhered to."

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