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Framework Agreement between France and UNHCR (2008)

Legal and administrative framework


The Framework Agreement between the Government of the French Republic and the UNHCR (Accord-Cadre de cooperation entre le gouvernement de la République française et l’office du haut-commissaire des Nations-Unies pour les réfugiés) was signed on 4 February 2008. According to the Agreement, France accepts to receive about 100 refugee files each year following submission directly by the UNHCR (see the unofficial translation of Article 5 below).

Article 5 – Refugee resettlement programme

5.1. On the basis of the files presented by the UNHCR and transmitted to the French Representation to the United Nations in Geneva, the French Republic will examine the files of refugees whose resettlement on the French territory is considered.

5.2. Persons whose files will be presented to French authorities will have to fulfil eligibility criteria according to the strict mandate of the UNHCR and the French legislation relating to the determination of the refugee status.

5.3. In the framework of France strategic priorities, the UNHCR will present about a hundred files each year.

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