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Act on the Advancement of Integration (Act 30.12.2010/1386)

Legal and administrative framework


The Act on the Advancement of Integration (“Laki kotoutumisen edistämisestä”) has on 1 September 2011 replaced and repealed the earlier Act on the Integration of Immigrants and Reception of Asylum Seekers (”Laki maahanmuuttajien kotouttamisesta ja turvapaikanhakijoiden vastaanotosta”) (Act 9.4.1999/493).

This Act regulates issues concerning the integration and reception of immigrants. The integration measures under the Act are applicable to all persons who have moved to Finland and have a residence permit in force. Persons admitted under the refugee quota (“quota refugees”) are eligible for the usual integration measures under the Act. 

An unofficial account in English of the integration provisions (also applicable to resettled persons) is attached below.

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Act on the Advancement of Integration (Act 30.12.2010/1386) in Finnish

An unofficial account of the integration provisions in English