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Aliens Act (30.4.2004/301)

Legal and administrative framework


The aim of the Aliens Act (Ulkomaalaislaki) is to promote managed immigration and provision of international protection (i) with respect for human rights and basic rights and (ii) in consideration of international agreements binding on Finland. The Act contains provisions on resettlement:

Section 90: Refugee quota

(1) Under the refugee quota, Finland may admit for resettlement persons considered refugees by UNHCR or other aliens in need of international protection.

(2) The refugee quota means admitting into the country, in accordance with the grounds confirmed in the State budget for each year, aliens who need international protection and are to be resettled.

Section 91: Allocation of the refugee quota

The Ministry of the Interior, in cooperation with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, prepares a proposal for the Government on the territorial allocation of the refugee quota.

Section 92: Requirements for admitting aliens into the country under the refugee quota

The grounds for issuing a residence permit under the refugee quota are as follows:

1) The alien is in need of international protection with regard to his or her home country.

2) The alien is in need of resettlement from the first country of asylum.

3) The requirements for admitting and integrating the alien into Finland have been assessed.

4) There are no obstacles under section 36 to issuing a residence permit.

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