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Aliens Act (2005:716)

Legal and administrative framework


The Aliens Act was published in the Swedish Code of Statutes (Svensk författningssamling (SFS)) under number 2005:716. (In Sweden, every law has an SFS number, which coincides with the law number). It contains a specific provision on resettlement in Chapter 5. ‘Residence permit for persons otherwise in need of protection’, Section 2:

“A residence permit shall be given to an alien who has been received in Sweden within the framework of a decision that the Government has issued on the transfer to Sweden of persons in need of protection (resettlement)”.

Note well that there is no downloadable version of the Act with the latest amendments. It can only be consulted online, in Swedish (including amendments up to 2012) on the Swedish Government Offices website at:

An English version of the Act, including amendments up to 30 December 2009, can be downloaded below. 

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Aliens Act (2005:716) in English with amendments up to 2009