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Presidency conclusions of the Thessaloniki European Council (11638/03)

European Council


Presidency conclusions of the Thessaloniki European Council, 19 and 20 June 2003, (11638/03)


In terms of migration, the European Council reached conclusions on the subjects of visas, management of external borders, return of illegal migrants, partnership with third countries, community financial resources and burden-sharing mechanisms. Concerning asylum, the European Council (i) reiterated its determination to establish a Common European Asylum System, (ii) reaffirmed the importance of establishing a more efficient asylum system within the EU, (iii) invited the Commission to explore all parameters in order to ensure more orderly and managed entry in the EU of persons in need of international protection, and to examine ways and means to enhance the protection capacity of regions of origin, and (iv) invited the Council and the Commission to examine the possibilities of further reinforcing asylum procedures in order to make them more efficient with a view to accelerating, as much as possible, the processing of non-international protection-related applications.




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Presidency conclusions of the Thessaloniki European Council (11638/03)