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UNHCR agreements

Legal and administrative framework

* Refugee resettlement agreement (2009)


This is an arrangement between the Government of the Czech Republic and the Office of the UNHCR for co-operation on resettlement of refugees (signed on 5 March 2009 and entered in force on 10 April 2009). It defines: (i) details of the resettlement co-operation (annual consultations, case selection and submission, departure arrangements, reception and local integration); (ii) quotas to be discussed annually with UNHCR and IOM; (iii) resettlement criteria as laid down by the UNHCR (priority shall be given to refugees with legal an physical protection needs, survivors of violence and torture, refugees with medical risks, women-at-risk, family reunification, children and adolescents, older refugees and those lacking local integration prospects).

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UNHCR agreement in English and Czech