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Migration Policy Programme

Government Migration Policy Programme 2006

This document, in Finnish and English, defines the Government’s policy and objectives towards immigration in general (all types of immigration). The main emphasis of the programme is on labour immigration (most pages have been dedicated to that form of immigration). This does not mean that all forms of immigration (e.g. refugee resettlement) would be seen as part of labour immigration. For example, the programme provides some information on Finland’s objectives, procedures and preferences regarding resettlement of refugees in Finland. 

The latest Government (in office from spring 2011) has not adopted this programme. The current Government Programme mentions refugee resettlement only shortly. According to the programme, the policy regarding resettlement in cooperation with UNHCR will be continued according to the established practice.

This is Resolution of the Finnish government, made on the 19th of October 2006.


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Government Migration Policy Programme 2006

Finland snapshot

Size: 338,000 km2

Population: 5.3 million

Year of EU Entry: 1995

In the Schengen Area: Yes

Protection Status Granted: 1,271 (2011)

Resettlement Scheme: Programme (1985)

Resettlement Quota:  750 refugees/year

Resettled Refugees: 626 (2011)

Source: The information about the size, population, in the Schengen area, and year of EU entry is taken from