Building Knowledge for a Concerted and Sustainable Approach to Refugee Resettlement in the EU and its Member States

EU resettlement priorities 2013 and ERF (Council decision 6444/12)

Council of the EU


Position of the Council at first reading with a view to the adoption of a Decision of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Decision No 573/2007/EC establishing the European Refugee Fund for the period 2008 to 2013 as part of the General programme 'Solidarity and Management of Migration Flows' (6444/12).


This Council decision establishes common EU resettlement priorities for 2013 and paves the way for new rules concerning the financial support that EU member states receive through the European Refugee Fund for the resettlement of refugees from third countries.

According to the decision, member states will receive a fixed amount for each person resettled from one of the following categories:

  • Persons from a country or a region designated for the implementation of Regional Protection Programmes (COM(2005) 388 final), i.e. Western Newly Independent States (NIS), Great Lakes Region, the Afghanistan region, the Horn of Africa,  and North Africa;
  • Persons belonging to a vulnerable group falling within the UNHCR resettlement criteria: e.g. women and children at risk, unaccompanied minors, survivors of violence and torture, persons having serious medical needs, persons in need of emergency or urgent resettlement for legal or physical protection needs;
  • Persons from a geographical location on the list of common EU priorities for 2013, i.e. Congolese refugees in the Great Lakes Region; Iraqi refugees in Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan; Afghan refugees in Turkey,Pakistan, Iran; Somali refugees in Ethiopia; Burmese refugees in Bangladesh, Malaysia and Thailand; Eritrean refugees in Eastern Sudan.

There will be an increase of funding for resettled refugees. Member States will receive a compensation for each resettled refugee falling into one or more categories mentioned above:

  • First time applicants will receive EUR 6,000 for the first year, and EUR 5,000 for the second year,
  • For the rest the compensation will remain at EUR 4,000.

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