Building Knowledge for a Concerted and Sustainable Approach to Refugee Resettlement in the EU and its Member States

Future Common European Asylum System (COM (2007) 301 final)

European Commission


Green Paper of 6 June 2007 on the future Common European Asylum System [COM (2007) 301 final - Not published in the Official Journal].


General themes

The aim of this Green Paper is to identify the various options that may be considered in the second phase of the creation of the European asylum system. The Paper discusses:

  • Applications for asylum,
  • Reception conditions for asylum seekers,
  • Protection for asylum seekers,
  • Appropriate response in situations of vulnerability,
  • Integration,
  • Expansion of the scope of practical cooperation among Member States, mainly by implementation and supporting measures,
  • Sharing responsibilities and financial solidarity (i.e. a fairer distribution of asylum seekers and/or refugees among the Member States) by considering the principles and objectives of the Dublin regime (i.e. the Dublin Regulation plus EURODAC).


In terms of resettlement, the Green Paper envisages the creation of a European support office in the area of asylum, which could play a role in the implementation of the Regional Protection Programmes and in the coordination of policy initiative on resettlement.

The Paper states that the Commission is currently looking to provide comprehensive financial support for the resettlement activities undertaken by Member States, as well as to facilitate a significant EU commitment to resettlement in the context of the Regional Protection Programmes. The Paper also mentions that intra-EU resettlement is an important way to pursue.

Four key questions are asked:

  • How might a substantial and sustained EU commitment to resettlement be attained?
  • What avenues could be explored to achieve a coordinated approach to resettlement at EU level?
  • What would be required at financial, operational and institutional level?
  • In what other situations could a common EU resettlement commitment be envisaged? Under what conditions?


The Hague Programme action plan calls for the adoption of measures leading to the creation of an asylum system by the end of 2010. The Commission feels that the process has to begin now, and has drafted this Green Paper so that these questions can be debated and new measures suggested in time for them to be adopted by that date. 

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