Building Knowledge for a Concerted and Sustainable Approach to Refugee Resettlement in the EU and its Member States

Resettlement at EU Member State level


This section presents:

Legal and administrative framework

There is a great diversity in terms of legal and administrative frameworks for resettlement in EU Member States: some countries resettle refugees without any legal basis, others have a legal framework in place but do not carry out any resettlement. Moreover, the legal and administrative basis of resettlement in the EU is contained in different types of documents - e.g. in laws, ministerial decisions, resolutions - that vary from country to country.

In this section, you will find the legal framework and the key legal documents for each EU country, with specific references to legal paragraphs that deal with resettlement. The legal sources are included in their original version and in English (official translation), when available. Moreover, we have gathered and summarised relevant policy and administrative decisions for all Member States.


For each EU country, data on resettlement and related phenomena are provided by national institutions. The statistics are obtained through methodologies of data collection and processing that vary from country to country. With a view to facilitate international comparison and aggregation, names and formats of tables and variables have been standardised as far as possible, while respecting the specificity of each national data set.

Policy statements and debates

Depending on availability, texts, speeches, statements or declarations are available in the original language or in English. When these are in original language, an abstract is provided. These documents should provide insight into the socio-political context affecting resettlement policies and trends.


Here, you will find reports from governmental, private and non-governmental institutions about resettlement.

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